Our team has various values that are important to us personally, and when supporting our community. We have 4 cores values our members can expect when dealing with us online:


  • A human element: Whilst parts of our website, and buying with us will be automated, everything we publish on the website, the contact you receive from our services team, and the communications we publish for the community are all delivered in real-time, by a member of the team, based in the UK. This does sadly mean mistakes can be made, a typo, a point of grammar, or sometimes the occasional misinformation, which we apologize for in advance, however, we believe all of our customers and members deserve a real and genuine human experience when interacting with us.


  • Fair pricing: In the internet age we know customers want to shop around, and will seek the best deals. However, often what is gained in the discount is lost in service, or in the support you need when things go wrong. We rarely run promotions instead doing our best to charge fair prices for the products we sell. We also don’t charge hidden fees at the checkout, such as unknown delivery fees. Why? We offer a first-rate service, stock and provide good products, and employ local British workers to support our customers directly. In return we hope many customers return to us, supporting our business.


  • Knowledge: We are passionate enthusiasts in timepieces and wristwatches, and work with various brands and distributors to secure and develop our knowledge. This is constantly expanding, with all team members dedicated to training and specializing in the full range we offer you. If you feel you can’t find the information, or product you need feel free to ask us. If we don’t have the answers you need, we will always go away to find out for you, and we will always try to find what you need, with one of our partners, or even referring you to another shop that can help you. Our first priority is to support you not charge your credit card.


  • Good humour / Tolerance policy: All of our team members have come from corporate backgrounds. Much as that has given us the power and knowledge to serve the community well, and professionally, we are not numbers and try to be as human and as informal as we can when interacting with customers. Our team is an extension of our families and we openly encourage good humour, energy, and discourse, which spills out into everything we deliver. We welcome feedback and we are at the service of our customers, but we appreciate that this value may not be everyone’s cup of tea and we understand if you feel you wish to shop elsewhere.

We have a strong tolerance for members to be able to express their opinions and views however they wish to interact with us. We won’t tolerate extremist or horrendously incorrect abuse directed at us or community members and will ignore or delete such activity. However, outside of this, we have a policy of free speech, not only welcoming the views of our members but deciding how we evolve our business based on them.