Casio G-Shock

Casio watches have long since ceased to be the cheap, mass-produced items made in Japan and shipped around the world with a casual abandon that scared the pants off traditional watchmakers.

Take Casio's G-Shock, for example. Or the Baby-G. Both watches that have gained themselves a resounding reputation for accuracy, longevity, and durability. And all of these come at a price affordable for most global budgets.

But how did a company that started way back in 1946 making electronic calculators gain such a respectable name for itself in the world of wearable timepieces?

Through innovation. That's how.

Whether it was the calculator, home computers, digital cameras, mobile phones or electronic musical instruments, Casio has been pretty much the first to do everything it ever did.

It took state-of-the-art technology and gave it to the people at prices they could afford. It's no surprise then that many of Casio's early digital watches have become highly sought after collector's items.

Casio just keeps on coming.

If you want to know the true story of Men's Casio watches then check out their latest models. Pieces like the Casio Men's G-Shock Vibrating Timer Alarm Chronograph, the Casio Men's Edifice Time Traveller Bluetooth Hybrid Smartwatch. Also don't forget the huge variety of ladies Casio watches and you'll realize that this is one watchmaker who doesn't rest on their laurels.

Casio Watch

Casio doesn't just follow trends, it creates them

From the radio-controlled, Digital Wave Ceptor, solar-powered GR8900A-7, to the GPS-enabled GPR-100E and watches that play MP3s, or even the Riseman, a watch that can measure altitude, temperature and atmospheric pressure, everything about Casio watches shouts out the company's desire to not only incorporate the latest trends quicker than anyone else, but to create those trends themselves.

Casio's cutting-edge

Always pushing technological boundaries, Casio's mindset of innovation and constant striving to build better, affordable devices will make sure its products, and in particular its range of watches, remain at the forefront of all things new.

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